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Make Pro Sounding Songs in your Your Home Studio

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Gear & Plugins

Not sure what equipment to buy? Learn what gear you really need to get professional results in your home studio


Do your recordings sound flat and lifeless? Learn how to record professional quality tracks in your bedroom

Mixing & Mastering

Struggling to make your songs sound like your favourite bands/artists? Learn how to mix & master radio-ready songs

What they're saying

“Your tips are invaluable and I’m going to put a thank you credit to you on my album. Your Guide has totally transformed the sound.”
Andy S. (The Haunted Guy)


“So I printed your guide and used it on a mix I did yesterday... it's awesome. Well put together, and I like your teaching style!!! thanks mate”
Steve S. (Music Teacher / Live Performances / Author / Composer)


“Thank you for your time to produce such helpful videos. I recommended your website to the students studying Music Tech. at our School/Sixth Form.”
Dan A (Music Teacher @ Balcarras School)
“I’ve been producing my own music for just over a year now, always getting good ideas down but when it comes to mixing and getting the track to sound big and full It falls apart. Came across The Loft Tapes on YouTube and sent them an email asking for some help regarding mixing. Can honestly tell you, the best tutorials and advice you will ever find on the Internet. Trying to understand the terminology regarding EQ, compression just to name a few, was difficult to put into practice but after talking with Mikey, I am far better and confident at mixing my own beats. I can now understand the terminology, how to properly get my music to be the best it can be and All using stock plug-ins too. I am so thankful I came across the tutorials and because he is so friendly and approachable, my music can now stand against professional mixes.
Within 10 minutes of the guidance he gave me on EQ, my music instantly sounded full, bright and a noticeable difference. The difference was literally night and day! Really do appreciate everything you have done!”
AK Man. (Owner and founder of c-norecords)

EQ & Compression Cheat Sheet


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  • EQ frequency ranges to cut and boost on Drums, Bass, Guitars & Vocals!
  • Starting point Compression settings to instantly give your Drums, Bass, Guitars & Vocals more glue and punch!


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"Your tips are invaluable and I'm going to put a thank you credit to you on my album. Your guide has totally transformed the sound!"

Andy S. (The Haunted Guy)

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"Quickly improve your mixes without wasting more money on gear and plugins!"

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